Wednesday, 6 December 2017

Jamie Murray visited his favorite Manchester United

Unlike his brother Andy, who is an Arsenal fan, Jamie Murray is a 7-year-old Manchester United fan.
The three-time grand slam champion visited the Red Devils training camp and met with the stars who overcame Arsenal as a guest by 3:1 last weekend.

I fired at United when I was 7, because maybe they were the best team at the time. The more I grew up, the bigger I was, I told the 31-year-old tennis player. Jamie`s hero is the legendary former manager of the team, Alex Ferguson. / TennisKafe. com

Saturday, 25 November 2017

Federer will play clay in 2018?

World number 2 and winner of 19 unprecedented Grand Slam titles Roger Federer will join the clay tournament mentioned by how to buy tennis tips in 2018 after missing the entire red season this season. This was announced by Claudio Medzardi, a former Swiss tennis player, ranked 26th in the world rankings, who was in touch with the Maestro and recently discussed the issue.

Several times we were in Basel, he was very happy. He will play a few more years because he`s doing his program very well. He told me he also plans to play in clay next year, but we have to get used to watching him in less tournaments, `said Mezdradri to SportFace.

Federer won the Australian Open and Wimbledon in 2017, plus making the `sunny double` of the Masters Series in Miami and Indian Wells, also conquering another event of the largest ATP category in Shanghai, and also triumphed in his favorite races ATP500 in Basel and Halle. The last match of the Masters of Clay is at the Masters in Rome in 2016 when he dropped to the eighth finals with 6:7 (2), 4:6 from the 15th in the World then Dominic Team, and his last finalis also in Rome, but in 2015 - 4:6, 3:6 by Novak Djokovic. The final title of the Swiss is red two years ago - in Istanbul (ATP250) after 6:3, 7:6 (11) over Pablo Quevas.

Monday, 20 November 2017

Spalletti praises Icardi: 'It`s a predator!'

Inter Milan`s coach Luciano Spalletti was euphoric from the presentation of the striker Mauro Icardi and the non-racery team as a whole in winning 2-0 against Atalanta in the 13th round of Serie A.

Inter has its own style. We played as a mature team who knows to wait for their chance. We did not allow Atalanta to play a lot, we kept them in constant strain. Icardi is a real champion, but I am one of those coaches who put the team over the individual and I think victory is the work of the whole team. But Icardi is like a real predator, who rages on his victim, commented Spaleti.

Thursday, 16 November 2017

Nadal will receive 10, 000 euros offset from the mouth of the minister

World number 1 and 16 Grand Slam champions Rafael Nadal will receive 10, 000 euros compensation from former French sports minister Rosaline Basello, who in a scandalous way accused him of using doping in 2012.

Then Matadora missed seven months because of an injury, but according to Bashello, the reason was a positive doping test. We all know that the trauma in question is actually a positive doping test. Often, tennis players do not appear on the court for several months after a doping control failure. Naturally, not all but a common practice, she said.

After the talks, Rafael Nadal`s team of lawyers filed a lawsuit against a former minister, who, in addition to the 10, 000 euros, will have to pay EUR 2, 000 in court, plus a fine of 500 euros. Nadal demanded 100, 000 euros of compensation, but ten times less would be donated by him for charity in France. Nadal subsequently expressed his satisfaction with the earned work on so cial networks.

Tuesday, 24 October 2017

Yannis said: This is just the beginning!

The best is yet to come. That`s what the Greek star of Milwaukee, Yannis Adeccuumbo, has begun in the new NBA season in the three Bucks matches so far, averaging 38. 3 points, 9. 7 rebounds, 5. 0 assists, 2. 7 balls removed and 1. 0 umbrella. The 22-year-old winger has set a personal record with 44 points scored in the last match against Portland and then devoted them to his late father, who died suddenly from a heart attack less than a month ago.

This is only the beginning. I have not finished yet. We have another 78 matches by how to buy tennis tips and possibly playoffs, I hope. This is only the beginning. I hope my father looks up and boasts with us all. He liked to see how we play, reveals the Greek star.

It is one of my main motivations. He and I play the best possible because of my family, said Yannis, who received the ball from the meeting, which reach ed her score of 44 points and wrote it to her. It`s for Daddy. We won and scored 44 points.

Friday, 13 October 2017

Nick Kirios again showed his dark side

Australian tennis star Nick Kirios again showed his strenuous character during the Shanghai Masters Series tournament.He demisely left the court after the end of the first set (6: 7 (5)) and betrayed Steve Johnson`s victory, his scandalous behavior being provoked by the dissatisfaction with the chairman Fergus Murphy.

Interestingly,only a year after the ATP pulled out of the Kyros World Tour for almost the same reason again in Shanghai.He was then instructed to start a consultant with a sports psychologist, and it is now unclear what reaction the man-made governing bodies will follow.

22-year-old talent received two official warnings (rival point) by the judge on the chair for violent protests.The cameras captured how, during the tiebreak, Kiroes shares with his entourage on the rostrum that he would leave the court if he lost the first set - which happened.Kirjo had just lost a 4-2 game for his favor in the tiebreak when he made the promise to his headquarters, and his protests against the chairman of the chair were mainly due to the lack of control of the noise of the stands.

Kirios had problems with the chairman and the final from tennis predictions of the ATP500 series in Beijing, which lost 6: 2, 6: 1 without a strong resistance from Rafael Nadal.

Friday, 25 August 2017

Pogba became number one in the Europa League

The Manchester United footballer Paul Pogba was elected the footballer number one in the Europa League tournament via tennis predictions for the season 2016-2017. The Frenchman outpaced his teammates Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Henrich Mchitarjan for the award.
Pogba, who rejoined United from Juventus last year, started at all fifteen games and scored three times in the UEFA Cup to help Manchester United get the trophy for the first time.
`I am very happy that I won the prize for a player of the season in the Europa League. I hope that the new season will be as successful as the last one for me and United. Thank you very much!`, said the 24-year-old footballer.
Paul Pogba was elected after the vote of 48 coaches of the clubs involved in the group stage of the Europa League last season and 55 journalists, selected by the European sports media.