Monday, 29 December 2014

What You Should Know About Live Tennis Betting

What is live tennis betting? Just like the rest of the betting types, you start with putting a particular amount of cash in the section for sports betting on any gambling site you choose on the web. You must do your personal tennis prediction for different aspects of the certain match. If your conclusions turn out to be right, then you win back the money you have ‘invested’ altogether with the gain you win. The size of the profit actually depends on some numbers, named odds. If you are familiar with sports betting in general, then you must know what odds are. Those are numbers, which show the probability of a certain event to happen – if there will be a victory for any of the tennis players or the match will finish in a tie.

Normally, some statistical companies deal with the calculation of those odds we have talked about. Whether to include the particular odds on their website or not is a decision of the bookmaker. When the odds are lower, the chance for the particular event to occur is bigger. On the other hand, if the odds are higher, then the probability for the particular event to happen is smaller. And of course, if your tennis picks turn out to be wrong, then the bookie gets your stake money.

Most of the bettors do their tennis tips as regards with the final outcome of the event.
Surely, that is not the only betting option available. The best online bookies have a really wide range of bet types in store. Not surprisingly, those bookies have so many customers.

Once you are about to place a bet on a particular tennis match, our advice is to begin with comparison between the odds offered. That goes for all types of sports, not only for tennis. As the name itself suggests, live tennis betting is betting which is processed not before the match but during it! You must agree that it is much more exciting and dynamic before you may make your decision in accordance with everything you see at the exact moment and therefore consider important.

They remind you that that type of betting may be risky, probably riskier than the usual one. That is why it is recommended to know something for both players and the factors which may influence their game. Last but not least, you must have some good luck and gambling responsibility! 

Tuesday, 23 December 2014

The Best Tennis Players Worldwide - Top 8

Today, Tennis-Picks have prepared for you the unusual ‘top 8’ of the most popular tennis players of all times. Well, they are actually still playing and being ready for conquering new peaks in their brilliant careers. If you are a real fan of tennis, then you definitely know their names. And probably you have done many tennis picks for their win in particular matches.

  1. Roger Federer became No 1 in 2004 and had four titles of the United States Championship and 3 titles of the Championship in Australia. Federer is Swiss, and up to now he has 237 records. Many people called him the most successful tennis player in the world. Today Federer ranks into the list of greatest masters in tennis of all times, with the enviable 16 number of victories in Grand Slam.
  1. Rafael Nadal is a Spanish tennis player. In 2010 he won the first place in the tennis rankings at world level. He has won 2 awards for a player with the most rapid progress and Rookie of the year. Thanks to those achievements of his, he entered into the lists of the top 50 tennis players in the world, when he was 16 year-old. 
  1. Bjorn Borg is a master of grass tennis court. He is the only one tennis player, who twice won the Grand Slam. His name is associated with multiple victories in the Open Championship of the United States. 
  1. Pete Sampras is also a famous tennis player from America. He has had 14 victories in Grand Slam so far. If some day you are going to bet on a victory of this player, then our advice is to consider the following: he plays better on clay instead of grass;
  1. Rod Laver retains his place in the list of world tennis players on court at the Open Championship in the United States. Today he has 11 titles won so far.
  1. Grigor Dimitrov is a Bulgarian tennis player, who won Wimbledon in 2008 for the first time. Today, he has a list of 11 victories in total.
  1. The Russian tennis player Maria Sharapova is number one in the rankings worldwide. Today she ranks among the winners at Grand Slam four times! 
  1. Tsvetana Pironkova is a Bulgarian tennis player who remains in the history of sports participating as the first Bulgarian in the semi-finals of the Grand Slam.
In case you are much into tennis and tennis predictions, then we are sure you are able to add many other names to the list above, aren’t you?

Wednesday, 17 December 2014

What You Should Know About Doing Tennis Predictions

Undoubtedly, online sports betting are the passion of so many people all around the world. Well, that is not just a passion; it may become a constant source of money. Believe it or not, a punter may be a real profession! And it could be an easy one, especially considering the fact that it is easy to gather useful information, when doing your tennis picks. Not to mention, the variety of betting possibilities nowadays. Starting from the land-based bookies and going to the online and mobile bookmakers. In fact, the mobile bookies are just the mobile versions of the online ones – either a mobile site with responsive design or an app (or maybe both of them). That makes betting more easily accessible than ever! Almost everybody has a mobile device, which is compatible with the particular gaming software. Usually, here come the Android, Blackberry, Windows devices and even iPhone and iPad.

If tennis is your sport of choice, then there are some basics you should know. Surely, you need to learn the rules of the game and to explore deeply the history of both players in the particular match. By history we mean their performance so far separately and in battles together. Knowing much will make you feel more relaxed during the game. 

Keep in mind that there is not just one option for betting. You may bet on the final result of the meeting or the outcome of the end of a set. Most commonly, bettors do their tennis predictions, regarding the final outcome of the event.In addition, you can try to do some tennis tips about the following: if there will be a tiebreak, how many points will be in the tiebreak and many others. You must agree that the variety of betting options and combinations will definitely make your experience much more interesting and exciting!  

The last advice of Tennis-Picks for you is to pick a trustworthy online bookmaker. It has to be licensed and using verified payment methods. Bonuses and promotions offered are very important as well as they could give you a good start in the ‘business’. Another important feature of a bookie is the odds offered. They must be as high as possible.
Always have self-control! Remember that chasing losses will not bring you anything good. And if you want to be successful, then you have to set realistic goals and a time limit for betting.

Friday, 12 December 2014

Easy Strategy for Doing Your Tennis Tips

It may seem to you that tennis gives you one of the best betting options ever, thanks to the fact that most matches are quite easily predictable. Well, that may be the truth itself, but that doesn’t mean there are no strategies you should use, when doing your tennis picks. We are going to present you the best one (in our opinion). Here is a step-to-step guide for you:

1) Check the rankings and see the position of both tennis players. If there is a difference of over 40 positions, then the particular match is your golden chance to win the bi money;
2) Search for information about how many titles each of the players has won at ATP tournament. The bigger the number, the better for the particular player;
3) Check the odds, which are offered by your bookmaker. In case the odd for your favorite is above 1.35, then you should bet on his or her victory.

There are many other factors you need to consider whenever you are going to gamble. Follow our advice and you will not be sorry. Do not forget to take into account any information about past injuries, temporary stress, etc. Find some info on how the various players play on various courts. For instance, it is widely-known that most of the Spaniards play extremely well on clay courts. When it comes to American players, they feel much better on hard floorings. Pointing out the surface as a crucial factor for the final outcome of a certain tennis game may not seem serious to you right now. But think about it – it may influence the performance of the players, for sure. Let’s take for example Pete Sampras. He is an excellent player on grass and therefore has won seven Wimbledon titles. On the other hand, for his entire tennis career, he has never showed such a good performance on a clay surface – his best achievement at Roland Garros has been taking part in the semifinals.

We think that our strategy is the easiest one to follow in order to gain some sure profit. Why it is so easy? Well, it is like that mostly due to the fact that there is no need of any detailed information about the players. You don’t have to make a thorough and deep research, which is definitely very time-consuming task. And time is valuable or as we all know – time is money. Surely, the final decision on how to bet is all yours, but still the experts from recommend you using a betting strategy.

Wednesday, 3 December 2014

More about the arbitrage tennis betting

Arbitrage betting or sure bets is actually a way of betting which has 100% winning chance. So what is so special about it and what you should do? When it comes to doing your tennis picks, Tennis-Picks provide you with guidance for arbitrage tennis betting.

First, you have to choose an event and then two bookmakers. If you pick them correctly, then you can distribute your money among the bookmakers in such a way that you will have sure profit, regardless of the final result of the particular tennis match. In this respect, when you are choosing a bookie you must look for the ones, which offer the highest odds.

Our advice is to apply the strategy of arbitrage betting for the three possible outcomes. Sure bets, which include a draw as an option, are similar to those which do not. The only difference is that you will need to place your bets in three bookmakers, not two. The first one has to have the largest odd for a victory of player A, the second one must have the highest odd for a draw, and the third one, respectively, must have the greatest odd for a win of player B.

So, we assume that player A plays against player B. The odds of the first bookie are as follows: 1.90 for a win of player A, 3.55 for a draw and 5.0 for a victory of player B. The second bookmaker offers the following odds: 1.72 for a victory of player A, 3.55 for a draw and 5.0 for a win of player B. And the odds in the third bookie are: 1.65 for a victory of player A, 3.45 for a draw and 5.60 for a win of player B. So, the question is: how do you calculate the arbitrage bet?

In our example the highest odds are: 1.90 for a win of player A (the first bookie), 3.55 for a draw (the second bookmaker) and 5.60 for a victory of player B (the third bookmaker.
You have to determine how much you are going to spend. That amount may be $100, for instance. In order to understand whether the bet is sure or not, you have to divide the sum of all odds as follows: 100/1.90+100/3.55+100/5.6=98.6577. You have a result which is less than 100, which means that your bet is an arbitrage.

That is great, so here is how you should bet now:
100/1.90 = $52.63 – your stake in the first bookie, for a win of player A
100/3.55 - $28.17 – your stake in the second bookie, for a draw
100/5.60 = $17.86 – your stake in the third bookie for a win of player B

If you bet in that way, then you will earn $1.34, regardless of the final result of the certain event! You don’t need to spend much time in preparing tennis predictions. The strategy of arbitrage betting will help you earn every time!

Monday, 24 November 2014

Tennis Tips - Pieces of Advice for You

Don’t you think that bets on tennis are some of the most enticing and interesting ones? Not to mention that many sites have started offering live stream option. The chance to watch live most of the grand tennis tournaments is something really great. What is more, that gives you the awesome pleasure to combine watching the matches and betting.

The basics in betting on tennis are just the same as those on any other sport. In addition, they are simplified if we have to compare them to football, for instance. The difference, however, is that in fact you do tennis prediction on which player will walk away a winner in the certain match or set. There may not be so wide variety of betting options but in case tennis is your sport of choice, then the lack of variety is even better for you. Your winning chances can increase rapidly.
If you are looking for betting which is really filled with tension and adrenaline, then live score betting option is right for you. That is actually the better variant for all beginners.

Once you decide to bet on tennis, you must be very careful with your bets. Tennis is among the most dynamic sports ever. You can easily lose track of the money you have gambled with and the time you have spent for that. Never make the mistake to invest more money than you can afford! When you make an account in any bookmaker online you need to be aware of your purpose – gaining long-term winnings or not. You must determine your stake money limits as well. That way, you can be sure that things will not get out of control.

Punters who play with money that has been allocated for something vitally important doom to failure sooner or later. So never do that, because once you start it, it inevitably happens again. And that will not lead to anything good.

Anyway, in case your aim is to win in the long-term, we have an idea for you – why not use the services of the tipsters? If you are wondering who these people are, then we are going to give you a brief explanation. These are persons, who probably are great fans of tennis. They have spent much time, exploring both players, who are going to play at the upcoming match. They have explored all the important details which may influence the final outcome of the game or the set. Let’s take for example today’s match between Americo Lanzoni and Joao Pedro Sorgi. The tennis forecast of is 2. And you – what do you think?

Thursday, 20 November 2014

Live tennis betting

What does live tennis betting mean? Just like all the other types of stakes, that one is about putting some money in the sportsbook on certain gambling website and doing an individual tennis forecast for various aspects of the particular match. If the player’s assumption is right, then he/she wins back the cash he/she ‘invested’ plus the accumulated profit. The size of the latter depends on the odds.

Let us get you familiar with the basic terms of sports betting. The odds are decimal numbers which represent the likelihood of a certain event to occur. Statistical companies dealing with the calculation of probabilities of sporting events provide such information to the bookies. After that, they decide how to present those possibilities, which they will later provide their clients with. The lower the odd, the bigger the chance for the event to happen, according to the bookmaker. Respectively, the higher the odd is, the less likely it is the estimated result to come true. If your bet is wrong, then the bookie gets your money.

The most common way of betting is doing tennis picks for the outcome of the match. There are always three possible results: victory for one of the tennis players or a tie. Of course, that is only one of many possible options for you. The major online
bookmakers offer their customers a phenomenal wide range of bet types.

So, how to make online bets on the matches? The advice of is to start with comparing the odds. That goes not only for tennis but for all kinds of sports. Live tennis betting is about bets that were not made in advance, but during the match itself. That kind of playing is much more interesting and dynamic than the one, based on previously-made tennis tips. But much more risky, too! So you still need to do some analysis before you gamble with your personal funds.

Remember, however, that whether you are almost an expert in the field of tennis, or either you are very lucky, there is always a possibility to be at a fault. Sometimes, everything is a matter of some minutes only and could turn upside down for the same short time. Therefore, the best thing you can do is evaluate the risk of the stakes. Do not ever place a bet with so much money, that you could not afford to lose.

Monday, 3 November 2014

How To Make Your Tennis Picks

If you have decided to gamble on any betting site, and you have chosen tennis for that purpose, then you should read on. We have got a few recommendations that you can use. Those guidelines will help you earn good amount of money without risking much. Live score betting distinguishes with very high odds and is an option, which definitely catches the eye. Take a look some of tips for you:

• Wait for a couple of games to be played – all the benefits of live score betting come from gambling at the time of the action. There is no need to slow things down and waste your money. Watch the first few games of the match. Think about how the players will perform in the next games. Watch out for how the odds are changing. Wait for a good one and ‘hit’;

 • Popular players – very often, people bet on the more famous player. If the certain player has some more fans, then the odds will be higher than they should be. This can change the odds in his favor, so that it looks like he is the favorite. Research those players, who are not so popular. When they play in a match with someone, who is better known, the odds will be higher. See how the match begins and bet on the quest option. In some cases you will be the winner, in the end;

 • The good players and the bad weather – when the weather is expected to be bad, and the match is going to be between players from the upper levels of the rankings, there is a trick you should know. Search for a betting option that the match will end quickly. The best players, however, have no problem in dominating, no matter what the weather is;

• Injuries – the odds are changing very quickly, when there are visible injuries on any player. If you notice a slight limp, signs of increased fatigue or whatever else it is, then you could try to bet on the opponent. After watching several tennis matches, you will learn to ‘capture’ the moment and make successful tennis picks. Therefore, you will easily retrieve the benefit of your bets;

Just like everything else, live score tennis betting is an art that must be learn over time. Start with the safe bets and keep track of the movements of odds throughout the match. Find out which conditions influence the coefficients. After acquiring theoretical knowledge and practical experience, you will be able to play a little more boldly. Our advice is always to be reasonable and to look for the sites, which offer the highest odds. Remember, they will bring you more profit!