Monday, 3 November 2014

How To Make Your Tennis Picks

If you have decided to gamble on any betting site, and you have chosen tennis for that purpose, then you should read on. We have got a few recommendations that you can use. Those guidelines will help you earn good amount of money without risking much. Live score betting distinguishes with very high odds and is an option, which definitely catches the eye. Take a look some of tips for you:

• Wait for a couple of games to be played – all the benefits of live score betting come from gambling at the time of the action. There is no need to slow things down and waste your money. Watch the first few games of the match. Think about how the players will perform in the next games. Watch out for how the odds are changing. Wait for a good one and ‘hit’;

 • Popular players – very often, people bet on the more famous player. If the certain player has some more fans, then the odds will be higher than they should be. This can change the odds in his favor, so that it looks like he is the favorite. Research those players, who are not so popular. When they play in a match with someone, who is better known, the odds will be higher. See how the match begins and bet on the quest option. In some cases you will be the winner, in the end;

 • The good players and the bad weather – when the weather is expected to be bad, and the match is going to be between players from the upper levels of the rankings, there is a trick you should know. Search for a betting option that the match will end quickly. The best players, however, have no problem in dominating, no matter what the weather is;

• Injuries – the odds are changing very quickly, when there are visible injuries on any player. If you notice a slight limp, signs of increased fatigue or whatever else it is, then you could try to bet on the opponent. After watching several tennis matches, you will learn to ‘capture’ the moment and make successful tennis picks. Therefore, you will easily retrieve the benefit of your bets;

Just like everything else, live score tennis betting is an art that must be learn over time. Start with the safe bets and keep track of the movements of odds throughout the match. Find out which conditions influence the coefficients. After acquiring theoretical knowledge and practical experience, you will be able to play a little more boldly. Our advice is always to be reasonable and to look for the sites, which offer the highest odds. Remember, they will bring you more profit!

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