Tuesday, 23 December 2014

The Best Tennis Players Worldwide - Top 8

Today, Tennis-Picks have prepared for you the unusual ‘top 8’ of the most popular tennis players of all times. Well, they are actually still playing and being ready for conquering new peaks in their brilliant careers. If you are a real fan of tennis, then you definitely know their names. And probably you have done many tennis picks for their win in particular matches.

  1. Roger Federer became No 1 in 2004 and had four titles of the United States Championship and 3 titles of the Championship in Australia. Federer is Swiss, and up to now he has 237 records. Many people called him the most successful tennis player in the world. Today Federer ranks into the list of greatest masters in tennis of all times, with the enviable 16 number of victories in Grand Slam.
  1. Rafael Nadal is a Spanish tennis player. In 2010 he won the first place in the tennis rankings at world level. He has won 2 awards for a player with the most rapid progress and Rookie of the year. Thanks to those achievements of his, he entered into the lists of the top 50 tennis players in the world, when he was 16 year-old. 
  1. Bjorn Borg is a master of grass tennis court. He is the only one tennis player, who twice won the Grand Slam. His name is associated with multiple victories in the Open Championship of the United States. 
  1. Pete Sampras is also a famous tennis player from America. He has had 14 victories in Grand Slam so far. If some day you are going to bet on a victory of this player, then our advice is to consider the following: he plays better on clay instead of grass;
  1. Rod Laver retains his place in the list of world tennis players on court at the Open Championship in the United States. Today he has 11 titles won so far.
  1. Grigor Dimitrov is a Bulgarian tennis player, who won Wimbledon in 2008 for the first time. Today, he has a list of 11 victories in total.
  1. The Russian tennis player Maria Sharapova is number one in the rankings worldwide. Today she ranks among the winners at Grand Slam four times! 
  1. Tsvetana Pironkova is a Bulgarian tennis player who remains in the history of sports participating as the first Bulgarian in the semi-finals of the Grand Slam.
In case you are much into tennis and tennis predictions, then we are sure you are able to add many other names to the list above, aren’t you?

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