Friday, 26 June 2015

Roger Federer: My favorite number is 8

The record holder in Grand Slam titles Roger Federer told to Eurosport that is not superstitious.

"I do not believe in such things. I have no rituals or amulets. I`m not really superstitious. I do not believe this can help me to beat someone," said the 33-year-old Swiss.

However, the father of two pairs of twins has admitted that has a favorite number.

"It is eight. When I first came in the top 10 in the world rankings I took the eighth position," said the second in the rankings now Roger.

Federer recently won the eighth title in Halle, which is his personal record for victories in a tournament.

He has seven Wimbledon trophies, with which shares the first place in the Open era with Pete Sampras. Now, he seeks an eighth triumph at the "sacred grass" in London and soon we will find out whether his favorite number will bring him luck in Wimbledon.

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