Thursday, 16 July 2015

Real Madrid is the most expensive sports club in the world

Real Madrid topped the list of most expensive sports clubs via , says a new study of the financial magazine Forbes.
The total value of Real Madrid fell by five percent from last year and already is 3.26 billion US dollars, but the only reason for this is the fall in the currencies. The Spanish football colossus, however, has the highest circulation of all clubs via - 857 million dollars, which it keeps the first position.
The nearest competitor to the Real American football team the Dallas Cowboys, whose eccentric owner Jerry Jones continues to maintain it at the top in American football. Or at least more value because Tony Romo, dez Bryant and company have no significant successes in recent years, but are preparing for a big season. According to the study by Forbes, the value of the Cowboys, bearing the proud name 'America`s team`, amounted to 3.20 billion dollars. That is the value of even the most popular baseball team in the United States-the New York Yankees.
The top five entering more football clubs via FC Barcelona and Manchester United, as the Catalans are valued at 3.16 billion dollars, and the 'Red Devils`, 3.10 billion.

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