Monday, 31 August 2015

De Bruin: `The Premier League is the best tournament in the world.`

The record purchase of Manchester City`s Kevin de Bruin determined the Premier League as the `most powerful` in the World Championship and expressed satisfaction that returned to England after his abortive stay at Chelsea.
The Belgian has signed a contract for six years with `citizens`, and the City will pay 55 million. pounds, under certain circumstances, the amount could go up to 59 million pounds.
`I think the Premier League is the best League in the world. After it, maybe Germany ranks. I spent a wonderful time in Germany. I had a successful year and a half in Wolfsburg, where we won a few trophies.`, commented De Bruin.
`The new challenge for me is to become a better football player and I hope that I can do it. I think to play along with Raheem Sterling, David Silva and Sergio Aguero and the best thing that can happen to you as a footballer.`, said the Belgian.

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