Wednesday, 30 September 2015

A Ukrainian battled the cancer returns again in game

The Ukrainian Tatiana Perebiynis announced that she will return to the professional tennis. The 32 years old managed to fight off with the cancer.

"In 2009 I have played at Wimbledon and decided this would be my last tournament. The next year I gave a birth to my daughter Ivanka and practically immediately after that I have been diagnosed with a cancer. I had the same disease as Alisa Kleybanova (Hodgkin lymphoma, which is a malignancy of the lymph nodes). I think it was related to the lifestyle and the constant stress and loads. The whole year I refused to treat using the traditional ways because I breastfed my daughter, "revealed Perebiynis.

Then she went to be treated in Germany. It helped her the Women`s Tennis Association, which has found a special program, with which was paid 70% of the treatment.

"In 2013 I have returned to Ukraine. I feel healthy and I want again to lead an active lifestyle, so I decided to try to return to the tennis," she admitted.

Tatiana Perebiynis won six titles in doubles from tournaments predicted by tennis tips of WTA.

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