Friday, 18 September 2015

Anderlecht vs Monaco finished in a tie

Anderlecht and Monaco made a 1:1 draw in a match predicted by tennis predictions of Group J of the Europa League.
The match predicted by tennis predictions started badly for the monegaskite. In the 11th minute, Dennis Prae managed to find good and centered by Guillaume, who found Giyom Gille, who overcame the goalie Subasic for 1:0.
Monaco immediately established the preponderance, ruled the ball 65:35 percent in its favor, but it does not get to the goal before the break.
Monaco dominated but was awkward in front of goals and that is why the advance for the well-organized in defense team of Anderlecht.
Anderlecht kept rushing of Monaco until the 85th minute. Then Lasina followed by the broken well Traore goalkeeper Silvio Proto ball and put his head in the door of the Belgians for 1:1.
In the very moment of Monaco goalkeeper Subasic prevented a great position in favor of Anderlecht, keeping the equality in the match.

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