Thursday, 10 September 2015

Football Predictions - 10.09.2015

Mallorca vs. Huesca
That is a very interesting fact that Mallorca is presented so bad, given that not long ago was part of the elite of the Premier League. Now they will face off against Huesca in the King`s Cup and we think it must win, because they are very classy players, and with more experience. A possible loss for us would be a big surprise. Of course there are surprises all the time, but maybe it would be better if the hosts win. Our football prediction is 1.

Slavia Sarajevo vs. FK Sarajevo
This soccer forecast is going to be a little more risky, because we think there will be a tie between Slavia Sarajevo and FK Sarajevo. In general, the favorites in this meeting are FC Sarajevo, but we don`t think they have much chance of winning as they go as guests at this meeting. Naturally, this is not much of a reason to choose a draw, but we don`t think that the difference in class was so great to be a victory for one of the two teams.

Roskilde vs. Lyngby
In this duel of another round of the first division of Denmark football on the pitch against each other we will see the teams of Roskilde and their guests in the face of the team of Lyngby. These two rivals are respectively on the ninth and the first places in the classification at this level of football in the country with assets of eight and fifteen points earned as they will surely put the maximum in the match to gain new three in the asset. That`s why our football forecast for the game adviced by wta tips today is over 2.5 goals in it.

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