Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Joe Allen is ready to fight for a titular place in Liverpool

Allen is willing to fight for his place in Liverpool. The midfielder gave an interview to a local newspaper `Liverpool Echo` where he stated that players stand firmly behind new manager Juergen Klopp and moreover are required to intercept at least part of the passion with which he started his new job.
`When a manager leaves the club, the future of football players in it becomes uncertain. We have to wait and see who`s going to replace it, what style he prefers, and whether you have a place in his future plans. I am sure that with the Klopp have identical objectives. I will fight hard to be a part of the new era in Liverpool. I can say it in the following way - the club analyzed by wta tips pressed a restart button, start with a clean slate and fight for a place in the plans of Klopp.`, he said.
`We are all impressed by the new manager and his methods. In addition, he worked with remarkable passion that must be transferred onto the players. We have to learn a lot from Klopp, we`re behind him 100 percent.`, added Allen.

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