Thursday, 17 December 2015

Luis Enrique: `Suarez is a killer.`

The coach of Barcelona, Luis Enrique, called the striker Luis Suarez `a killer`. He scored a hat-trick in the door of Guangzhou during the ongoing World Club Cup in Yokohama.
`He was a killer in the penalty box, the striker was able to end a situation that has no chance to be completed.`, said Enrique.
`He`s the first one that presses and helps, and it motivates others to do the same. The team showed us a very solid performance, without any errors. Let them not to create any danger in front of our goalkeeper. Their stars failed to shine, thanks to our press.`, said the Barca coach still on the occasion of the game analyzed by tennis picks to his team.

Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Blatter sent a letter to the federations, pleading innocence

The former President of the International Football Federation (FIFA), Sepp Blatter sent a letter to all 209 national football associations, in which once again assures that is innocent in the case of corruption, reports the BBC.
The biggest scandal in the history of FIFA came at the end of may, the 27th in Zurich were detained seven senior officials of the Organization on suspicion of corruption and diversion of funds.
Accusations were raised to 14 current and former football officials. According to the American justice within 24 years they have received bribes in the total amount of 150 million dollars.
In the early October, the SPS Blatter and Michel Platini were given penalties for 90 days after they were involved in disturbances in the corruption scandal. The FIFA President is suspected of improper payment of 2 million Swiss francs to Michel Platini, President of UEFA and the French footballing legend claims that this is a fee with an old Statute of limitations.
Blatter was re-elected on May 29, the last Congress of the FIFA President for the fifth time, but only three days later he was forced to retire from the position. So the new elections are scheduled for February 26 next year, and Michel Platini is suspended from participation in them, even though it was built for the President of the world headquarters.

Monday, 7 December 2015

Porto is `obsessed` by the thought to win over Chelsea

The goalkeeper of Porto, Iker Casillas, was adamant that he and his teammates are obsessed by the thought to win over Chelsea.
Porto is going to visit Chelsea in the last round of the Champions League on Wednesday, 9th December.
`Porto is not preparing to defend against Chelsea because it would be a disaster and will almost certainly mean that we`re going to lose.`, said Iker Casillas.
`We are obsessed by the thought of staying in the Champions League. We presented ourselves well in the group stage, but the pain of losing at home by Dynamo Kiev remains. It was the worst match according atp picks of the season for us and we hope that this will not harm our chances in Europe.`, commented Casillas.
`Mourinho is a coach who always wants a victory and now too - against his former club. But we believe that we can make them suffer at Stamford Bridge. Chelsea did not play on the same level as in previous seasons, but have a wide appeal, which is able to beat anyone in Europe.`, said Iker Casillas.

Thursday, 3 December 2015

Ribery organized a party with underage, the police questioned him

Ribery finally returned to train at Bayern Munich and very soon will again play in official matches. The good news, however, quickly were shaded by a new scandal, linked to the Frenchman and underage Lady.
Ribery was questioned two and a half hours by the French police, and the reason is that the star of Bayern Munich has given 15 thousand euros of his friend Lucien Obi (former player of Rennes, Lance and Toulouse), to organize a party weekend with French women in Munich. The ladies received at 500 euros, and Obi has reserved to himself the remaining 9 thousand euros.
The big problem is that one of the women at the party was a 17-year-old, according to press.
The team of Ribery immediately denied the claim. According to them, he has given 15 thousand euros for a friend with financial problems, with whom he has played football together and there was no party.
`There are no charges against Ribery. There is no affair.`, Ribery`s lawyer is sure. `When a friend had trouble it happens the others to suffer the consequences. Ribery is shocked and disappointed. This is a new nightmare for him. It`s like he is back in the past.`
It is believed that Ribery would take legal action against the publication, which according to him is false.