Thursday, 3 December 2015

Ribery organized a party with underage, the police questioned him

Ribery finally returned to train at Bayern Munich and very soon will again play in official matches. The good news, however, quickly were shaded by a new scandal, linked to the Frenchman and underage Lady.
Ribery was questioned two and a half hours by the French police, and the reason is that the star of Bayern Munich has given 15 thousand euros of his friend Lucien Obi (former player of Rennes, Lance and Toulouse), to organize a party weekend with French women in Munich. The ladies received at 500 euros, and Obi has reserved to himself the remaining 9 thousand euros.
The big problem is that one of the women at the party was a 17-year-old, according to press.
The team of Ribery immediately denied the claim. According to them, he has given 15 thousand euros for a friend with financial problems, with whom he has played football together and there was no party.
`There are no charges against Ribery. There is no affair.`, Ribery`s lawyer is sure. `When a friend had trouble it happens the others to suffer the consequences. Ribery is shocked and disappointed. This is a new nightmare for him. It`s like he is back in the past.`
It is believed that Ribery would take legal action against the publication, which according to him is false.

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