Thursday, 21 January 2016

Ronaldinho wants to party before finding a new team

The great football star Ronaldinho still in no hurry to find a new team. He is currently a free agent, has not played since September, but now has more important goals.
The former player of Barcelona, PSG is in Rio de Janeiro and first trying to make the party around the Carnival in the city, and then think where to continue his career. In March, he became 36 years old.
`There are many options for 2016.`, said Ronaldinho. I will decide what I`ll do in the future after the Carnival in Rio. I plan to travel around the world to promote football, but now is not the time to finish his career.`
`I`m going to play for a long time yet, but I feel well enough to continue. I hope to finish my career with dignity.`, said Ronaldinho before the media in Brazil for his plans.

Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Aubameyang: `There`s a reason I`m in Dortmund, and not on the moon.`

The star of Borussia Dortmund, Pierre-Emmerick Aubameyang said that clearly has the ambition to win titles with `Black-Yellow` despite the interest of quite a few grandees to him.
The 26-year-old striker won the award African Footballer of the year for the year 2015, while his name has been related to transfers at teams like Arsenal or Barcelona.
`In football, nothing lasts forever. My contract with Dortmund`s by 2020 and that`s a fact.`, commented Aubameyang.
`I feel happy and I still want to do many things with Dortmund. I want to win titles, it is also a fact. I`m here and not elsewhere - nor have I in Arsenal nor Barcelona or on the moon. You can illustrate this.`, added the player.