Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Aubameyang: `There`s a reason I`m in Dortmund, and not on the moon.`

The star of Borussia Dortmund, Pierre-Emmerick Aubameyang said that clearly has the ambition to win titles with `Black-Yellow` despite the interest of quite a few grandees to him.
The 26-year-old striker won the award African Footballer of the year for the year 2015, while his name has been related to transfers at teams like Arsenal or Barcelona.
`In football, nothing lasts forever. My contract with Dortmund`s by 2020 and that`s a fact.`, commented Aubameyang.
`I feel happy and I still want to do many things with Dortmund. I want to win titles, it is also a fact. I`m here and not elsewhere - nor have I in Arsenal nor Barcelona or on the moon. You can illustrate this.`, added the player.

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