Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Matic wants only wins till the end

The Chelsea midfielder Nemanja Matic believes his team can win their remaining 10 matches of the Championship and that to return him to the battle for the top 4.
The Blues have improved after the arrival of Guus Hiddink and after the victory over Norwich last night, they climbed to the 8th place, 5 points away from the 5th Manchester United and 8 from the 4th Manchester City but played today.
`Victories are of very great importance. We are a great team and we want to win to get closer to the top 4. It is hard to reach them, but will strive to win in every single match until the end.`, said the player.
`You can be among the first 6. It may seem impossible, but if we win the rest we can find ourselves in a good position. Certainly we`re going to play it a game to game and at the end we`ll see where we finish.`, he added.
Londoners have made some draws, but are definitely on the rise, having won their last three games from american football picks of the Championship. By the end they will take three of the leaders - Manchester City, Tottenham and Leicester and these matches can be the key to who will become champion.

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