Thursday, 1 September 2016

Ecuador vs Brazil

Ecuador is hosting a meeting against Brazil of the qualifiers for the FIFA World Cup in 2018. For the past six rounds from the phase, Ecuador had 13 points and shares the first place with Uruguay, while Brazil is only on the sixth position with a total of 10 teams. Here is our soccer forecast.
Ecuador demonstrated a good game in the group stage of the Copa America, as opposed to successfully and of Brazil and Peru, but their forces reached only to the quarter-finals, where they were stopped by the host the United States.
Looking at the qualifiers for the World Cup 2018, Ecuador is one of the teams with the best chances to get a ticket to Russia. The team has four points more than its rival, but in order to ensure its participation in the tournament, it will have to continue with the same good game. In the last round, Ecuador totally outplayed Colombia with 3:1, so it will need to seek mandatory success against Brazil. Against Brazil, Ecuador will not use the defenders Erazo and Ayovi, as well as three midfielders, who are injured.
Brazil continues with the disappointing performance. For the last six games, the team managed to achieve only three wins, as there is no view to change the situation. Yet this is Brazil, and we can expect everything from them, even directly ranking, just as there are still a lot of games mentioned by tennis tips until the end of qualifying.
After Copa America, the senior coach of Brazil Dunga was replaced and his place went to 38-year-old Edu. Against Ecuador, Edu will not be able to use in the game the central defenders Luiz and Paulista, the attacker Hulk and the midfielder Luiz Gustavo. By contrast, Neymar, Coutinho, and Gabriel are in an excellent shape and will need to have the meeting on their backs.
It is not sure whether the players of Edu were able to see it properly, or rather the opposite. Brazil is likely to deal a bit more defensively, the goal will be to gain the required point.
Our soccer prediction is X.

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