Sunday, 31 December 2017

A woman made an ace to Federer

A curious moment marked the match of hockey cups between Switzerland and Japan. The Swiss tandem Roger Federer / Belinda Bencic beat the Japanese duo Yichi Sugita / Naomi Osaka with 2:4, 4:1, 4:3 (5:1) and at the moment of the third set, Osaka made the Ace of Federer. Before the pocket match, Roger, 36, beat Sugita with a 6:4, 6:3 single in their first match from contact with tennis picks in the new tennis season.

Monday, 25 December 2017

The euphoria around Messi overshadows Suarez`s personal record

All the euphoria around Barcelona`s Argentinean sorcerer Lionel Messi past El Classico somehow overshadowed and left an impressive achievement of his partner in the attack of the Catalans Luis Suarez. Against Real Madrid in `El Classico` it was the Uruguayan shooter who opened the score, and then `blaugranas` hit the historic rival with his 3:0 `Santiago Bernabeu`.

Suarez`s goal was under the number 70, 000 in the Spanish Primera Division, according to the Marka newspaper, but more importantly, Suarez made number 400 in his professional career. The edition highlights that last season La Liga has not recognized one of Suarez`s goals at 6:1 over Sporting (Gijon), so his jubilee has slowed down.

Here are the goals of Suarez in all the teams he played:

1. Nacional (Montevideo) - 12 Goals

Groningen - 15

3. National Team of Uruguay - 49

4. Liverpool - 82

5. Ajax - 111

6. Barcelona - 131

Tuesday, 19 December 2017

Wawrinka admitted that she still can not go out on the court

The three-time Grand Slam champion Stan Vavrinka continued his recovery from the two knee operations, the first of which was in August. The Swiss aimed to return to the court in time for the Australian Open, but he is also generally invited to take part in the Abu Dhabi demonstration tournament analyzed by how to buy tennis tips on December 28th. But World number 9 admits he has no idea whether he will be in the emirate because he is not yet in optimal physical condition even though he is training and recovering hard.

I can not still play the court, so my goal remains to be on the Australian Open line and I will arrive there a week early to train the best way. For Abu Dhabi, honestly, I do not know, we will see.

I have to get used to not doing certain moves first so I do not overload the knee. Also, the rest of my body needs to adjust to the changes. In fact, it is so that I train hard, but in a strictly defined way, explained Wawrinka in an interview with Le Matten.

Wednesday, 6 December 2017

Jamie Murray visited his favorite Manchester United

Unlike his brother Andy, who is an Arsenal fan, Jamie Murray is a 7-year-old Manchester United fan.
The three-time grand slam champion visited the Red Devils training camp and met with the stars who overcame Arsenal as a guest by 3:1 last weekend.

I fired at United when I was 7, because maybe they were the best team at the time. The more I grew up, the bigger I was, I told the 31-year-old tennis player. Jamie`s hero is the legendary former manager of the team, Alex Ferguson. / TennisKafe. com

Saturday, 25 November 2017

Federer will play clay in 2018?

World number 2 and winner of 19 unprecedented Grand Slam titles Roger Federer will join the clay tournament mentioned by how to buy tennis tips in 2018 after missing the entire red season this season. This was announced by Claudio Medzardi, a former Swiss tennis player, ranked 26th in the world rankings, who was in touch with the Maestro and recently discussed the issue.

Several times we were in Basel, he was very happy. He will play a few more years because he`s doing his program very well. He told me he also plans to play in clay next year, but we have to get used to watching him in less tournaments, `said Mezdradri to SportFace.

Federer won the Australian Open and Wimbledon in 2017, plus making the `sunny double` of the Masters Series in Miami and Indian Wells, also conquering another event of the largest ATP category in Shanghai, and also triumphed in his favorite races ATP500 in Basel and Halle. The last match of the Masters of Clay is at the Masters in Rome in 2016 when he dropped to the eighth finals with 6:7 (2), 4:6 from the 15th in the World then Dominic Team, and his last finalis also in Rome, but in 2015 - 4:6, 3:6 by Novak Djokovic. The final title of the Swiss is red two years ago - in Istanbul (ATP250) after 6:3, 7:6 (11) over Pablo Quevas.

Monday, 20 November 2017

Spalletti praises Icardi: 'It`s a predator!'

Inter Milan`s coach Luciano Spalletti was euphoric from the presentation of the striker Mauro Icardi and the non-racery team as a whole in winning 2-0 against Atalanta in the 13th round of Serie A.

Inter has its own style. We played as a mature team who knows to wait for their chance. We did not allow Atalanta to play a lot, we kept them in constant strain. Icardi is a real champion, but I am one of those coaches who put the team over the individual and I think victory is the work of the whole team. But Icardi is like a real predator, who rages on his victim, commented Spaleti.

Thursday, 16 November 2017

Nadal will receive 10, 000 euros offset from the mouth of the minister

World number 1 and 16 Grand Slam champions Rafael Nadal will receive 10, 000 euros compensation from former French sports minister Rosaline Basello, who in a scandalous way accused him of using doping in 2012.

Then Matadora missed seven months because of an injury, but according to Bashello, the reason was a positive doping test. We all know that the trauma in question is actually a positive doping test. Often, tennis players do not appear on the court for several months after a doping control failure. Naturally, not all but a common practice, she said.

After the talks, Rafael Nadal`s team of lawyers filed a lawsuit against a former minister, who, in addition to the 10, 000 euros, will have to pay EUR 2, 000 in court, plus a fine of 500 euros. Nadal demanded 100, 000 euros of compensation, but ten times less would be donated by him for charity in France. Nadal subsequently expressed his satisfaction with the earned work on so cial networks.

Tuesday, 24 October 2017

Yannis said: This is just the beginning!

The best is yet to come. That`s what the Greek star of Milwaukee, Yannis Adeccuumbo, has begun in the new NBA season in the three Bucks matches so far, averaging 38. 3 points, 9. 7 rebounds, 5. 0 assists, 2. 7 balls removed and 1. 0 umbrella. The 22-year-old winger has set a personal record with 44 points scored in the last match against Portland and then devoted them to his late father, who died suddenly from a heart attack less than a month ago.

This is only the beginning. I have not finished yet. We have another 78 matches by how to buy tennis tips and possibly playoffs, I hope. This is only the beginning. I hope my father looks up and boasts with us all. He liked to see how we play, reveals the Greek star.

It is one of my main motivations. He and I play the best possible because of my family, said Yannis, who received the ball from the meeting, which reach ed her score of 44 points and wrote it to her. It`s for Daddy. We won and scored 44 points.

Friday, 13 October 2017

Nick Kirios again showed his dark side

Australian tennis star Nick Kirios again showed his strenuous character during the Shanghai Masters Series tournament.He demisely left the court after the end of the first set (6: 7 (5)) and betrayed Steve Johnson`s victory, his scandalous behavior being provoked by the dissatisfaction with the chairman Fergus Murphy.

Interestingly,only a year after the ATP pulled out of the Kyros World Tour for almost the same reason again in Shanghai.He was then instructed to start a consultant with a sports psychologist, and it is now unclear what reaction the man-made governing bodies will follow.

22-year-old talent received two official warnings (rival point) by the judge on the chair for violent protests.The cameras captured how, during the tiebreak, Kiroes shares with his entourage on the rostrum that he would leave the court if he lost the first set - which happened.Kirjo had just lost a 4-2 game for his favor in the tiebreak when he made the promise to his headquarters, and his protests against the chairman of the chair were mainly due to the lack of control of the noise of the stands.

Kirios had problems with the chairman and the final from tennis predictions of the ATP500 series in Beijing, which lost 6: 2, 6: 1 without a strong resistance from Rafael Nadal.

Friday, 25 August 2017

Pogba became number one in the Europa League

The Manchester United footballer Paul Pogba was elected the footballer number one in the Europa League tournament via tennis predictions for the season 2016-2017. The Frenchman outpaced his teammates Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Henrich Mchitarjan for the award.
Pogba, who rejoined United from Juventus last year, started at all fifteen games and scored three times in the UEFA Cup to help Manchester United get the trophy for the first time.
`I am very happy that I won the prize for a player of the season in the Europa League. I hope that the new season will be as successful as the last one for me and United. Thank you very much!`, said the 24-year-old footballer.
Paul Pogba was elected after the vote of 48 coaches of the clubs involved in the group stage of the Europa League last season and 55 journalists, selected by the European sports media.

Thursday, 27 July 2017

Benzema will soon get a new contract

Karim Benzema not only will stay at Real Madrid, but will get a new contract, reports the newspaper `Marca`.
The might be rumors about the future of the Frenchman but according to the newspaper he is absolutely untouchable and has no chance to be sold as the coach Zinedine Zidane likes him very much.
The previous extension of his contract by 2014, then Benzema became associated with the club until 2019. Now he is expected before the start of the season to sign a new contract that will keep him at the Bernabeu until 2021 or 2022 year.
The Frenchman enjoys great confidence within the club mentioned by tennis livescore and the captain`s quarters. He also feels excellent and does not plan to leave the Spanish capital, which will assist and for the extension of his contract.
Benzema still is at the age 29 years, but boasts 8 seasons with the team of Real Madrid, has scored 180 goals in 365 games. He was bought in 2009 for 35 million euros, which proved to be an excellent investment of Florentino Perez.

Friday, 21 July 2017

Tottenham is not concerned by the lack of new players

The Tottenham manager Mauricio Pochettino is not at all worried about the lack of new players, as claimed, that the philosophy of the club is different.
The Londoners part with Kyle Walker for 50 million pounds but have not gotten a single new player, despite the expectations that after the second place from spring will invest in recruits.
`We have a clear idea of what we want to achieve in the future. We have an excellent base, and our new stadium is one of the best in Europe. These are exciting times for Tottenham, but the fact is that here the philosophy is different. The reason is not that we can`t just invest, our way of thinking is different.`, said the Argentinian in front of ESPN.
`Money can help you bring strong players and build a better team, but we also have to be smart enough. It is going to be difficult, but we believe in their way of working. Last campaign we bet on attractive soccer with young players, so we really expect a serious challenge. At Wembley will be a different atmosphere, but we just have faith in their academy and players. We are at ease because we have a strong team.`, he added.
Tottenham is associated with players like Ross Barklay from Everton and Josh King, Bournemouth, but at least for the time being in the club via betting systems are in no hurry with realization of transfers, which, however, will probably make in the next few weeks.

Tuesday, 4 July 2017

Sutjeska will change its goalkeeper for the second derby against Levski Sofia

Sutjeska will make a goalkeeping change for a rematch against Levski from the first qualifying round of Europa League. Suad Licina will cede his place to Vladan Giljen for the derby on 6 July in Niksic. Licina presented in the 1:3 defeat hesitantly in the first leg in Sofia last Thursday as he is somehow guilty for the first two goals of the Blues.
Giljen was not available for the match predicted by tipsters archive because of a penalty.
`It is certain Vlado Giljen is coming back. I hope someone from the injured Bojan Bozovic or Igor Ivanovich to recover and return to the game, which will make us a lot stronger. We have a few more days to work in a physical and a tactical plan. Now we know Levski much better. We understand that we have to chase after winning with a difference, but nothing is impossible. The most important thing is not to allow a goal because even if we get one in the 80th minute, that will lead to uncertainty in the opponent, and that will give us real hopes to qualify in the second round.`, commented the striker Bozo Markovic, who scored the hit for the final result of 1:3 in the 79th minute in Sofia.

Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Denis Suarez: `Bellerin told me he wants to play at Barcelona!`

The Arsenal defender Hector Bellerin wants to return to his native club analyzed by archive of tennis predictions Barcelona, it was confirmed by the midfielder of Blaugranas, Denis Suarez.
`I spoke with Hector and he wants to come to Barca, but at the same time, he is grateful to Arsenal. The situation is very difficult for him because the Londoners have more faith in him than they have during his teenage period.`, commented Denis Suarez in front of television TV3.
`I am no one to talk about it, but I really hope he can come to us. The decision will be his and Arsenal`s. I don`t know what is going to happen, but I hope that he will come to us!
`Sergi Roberto and Alexis Vidal made a great season on the right side of the defense, but if Bellerin comes to Barcelona, then he will fight them for the titular place. Hector and Roberto can play and on other positions. It is not easy to replace the best right-back in the history!`, added the midfielder of the Catalans about the super star Dani Alves.

Thursday, 25 May 2017

Valverde hopes Barcelona to overcome Alaves

Ernesto Valderde, who left the position of a coach at Athletic Bilbao denied approaching another club. According to the speculation, namely Valverde will be the new mentor of Barcelona, but for the moment, the 53-year-old specialist denied that information.
At the same time, the expert admitted that he will dare crossed for the Catalans in the finals for the Cup of Spain against Alaves. The official reason is that with the triumph of Barcelona, Athletic will play in European football for the fourth consecutive year.
`I want Barcelona to win the final, even though I am torn. I am still a fan of Athletic. I did not reach an agreement with any other club. I have an agent and he has some offers for me, but I haven`t decided whether I will accept a new challenge.`, said Valverde.
According to the press, Valverde already has agreed with the management of Barcelona and will sign a two-year contract with the Catalans at the beginning of next week, after finishing the final for the Cup. The meeting will be the latest for the former mentor of Blaugranas, Luis Enrique.
Valverde, who is a former coach of Espanyol, Olympiakos, Valencia, and Villarreal, used to play at Barcelona for two seasons at the end of the 80s of the twentieth century. His football career began at Alaves.

Friday, 19 May 2017

Tony Adams: `Wenger does not want me at Arsenal!`

The Arsenal legend Tony Adams did not consider that while Arsene Wenger is at the helm of the club he will have a place there.
The former captain is currently finishing up the season at the Spanish Granada, who failed to save from relegation and is of the opinion that the Frenchman prefers to work with more quiet people, not with those who are willing to stand up for their opinions.
The 50-year-old former defender won 10 trophies for 19 seasons at the club, as currently there is a statue in front of the Emirates and for much of a fan he remains the symbol of the Gunners.
`Maybe Arsene thinks it will be too challenging for him. He apparently prefers helpers like Pat Rice and Steve Bould, who also have a history with Arsenal, but are not ready to enter into conflict and to create tension.`, Adams wrote in his autobiography.
`Arsene is a too dominant personality who probably wouldn`t like it if I said we get light goals, I am going to work today with defense. His essence is not the typical coach and that is the second reason why I think he doesn`t want me. Some time ago I said that coaching is not his strongest trait, which was accepted badly and realized that while he is there for me there is no place at the club.`, he said.
Adams reveals that Manchester United wanted him on two occasions - in 1991 and 1996, but in either case, he refused, firstly because in London he felt great because of alcohol, and then due to the fact that the club has had much uncertainty after the arrival of Wenger.

Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Herrera: `I am learning from Busquets!`

The Manchester United midfielder Ander Herrera admitted that he admires his colleague from Barcelona Sergio Busquets. The Red Devils midfielder occupies an increasingly leading role at Old Trafford and he has presented very strongly.
`My new position requires a great responsibility because you can`t afford to make mistakes. But I am trying to watch other players and learn from them. One of them is Sergio Busquets!`, admitted Herrera.
`There is only one Busquets. He is constantly working. I am Ander Herrera and my job is different. Sergio rarely loses the ball. In the past, I used to watch Xavi and Iniesta, but today I have been following the game of Busquets.`
`Right now, I find myself at the best moment in terms of consistency, my role at the team, the manager`s confidence in me and the support of the fans.`, added the Spaniard.

Thursday, 6 April 2017

Jesse Lingard will stay at Manchester United four more years

Jesse Lingard negotiated with Manchester United to extend his contract with the club according tennis tips for other four years, the press reported. The information was confirmed by the club according tennis tips and a little later.
This contract of the soccer player was until the summer of 2018, but now it will bind with the Red Devils until 2021. Furthermore, he will receive a raise and will now get about 100 000 pounds a week.
The 24-year-old offensive player arrived at United`s Academy when he was only 7 years old and in 2011 and he signed his first professional contract. Then there were rental periods at Leicester, Birmingham, Brighton and Derby before last season to establish himself at the first team.
`I am enjoying the opportunity to play for Manchester United and my heart goes out to the club. Competition is great, but it is good because when you have to fight for your place, you become a lot more ambitious. I have already won a trophy and I hope there will be more such moments.`, said Lingard, who will continue to be part of the team for few more seasons.
`Jesse is intelligent, he has energy and skills, which heralds a bright future. He is a popular figure at the team and I am glad he renewed his contract.`, commented the manager Jose Mourinho.

Thursday, 23 March 2017

The future of Kostas Manolas depends on Roma

The future of Kostas Manolas depends entirely on Roma, said the defender`s agent. The Greek national was wanted by Chelsea and Manchester United, but there are already speculations that he has an oral agreement with Inter.
`At the moment I can`t say anything because the future of Costas is decided in each day. I read a lot of rumors that we have negotiations with Inter Milan and many other clubs by tennis-picks , but he remains the property of Roma. Has a contract until 30 June 2019. I repeat: he is a player of Roma.`, said Ioannis Evangelopulos in front of the press.
`Whether he will stay at Roma? You have to ask the club. But I have to tell you one thing: his future depends entirely on Roma. The separation will be a fact only when they choose it to be.`
Anyone can want Manolas, but until Roma does not decide to sell him he won`t leave. He has a contract until 2019.`, added the agent of Kostas Manolas.

Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Sanchez shook hands with Wenger yesterday

Alexis Sanchez trained with ?rsenal yesterday morning and shook hands with the manager Arsene Wenger, the British media noticed after rumors of a fight between the two.
According to the speculation, the Chilean player fought hard with his teammates last week, even as he left practice before its end. This led him and finally make the decision to leave the Londoners in the summer.
This is precisely the reason he left the bench in the first half of the derby with Liverpool, then his inclusion in the game adviced by tennis-picks did not help the Londoners to avoid the defeat.
After the match, Wenger explained that the reason why Alexis was not in the starting lineup was purely tactical, which, however, was not accepted as a particularly serious argument.
Yesterday, the footballer greeted the mentor before today`s match against Bayern, which was taken as a sign that the two may have made up and have cleared their contradictions, which, however, it is not clear whether that happened.
Even if that is so, however, the likelihood of Sanchez to remain on the team is minimal, as a lot of teams are following the situation around him and would gladly attract him in their ranks.

Friday, 17 February 2017

Augsburg vs Bayer Leverkusen

Augsburg vs. Bayer Leverkusen is a date from the 21st round of the German Bundesliga. Here is our soccer forecast for the upcoming game.
The two teams ended in a draw in their last four meetings and their current status implies a new draw. The small Bavarians will be without the injured Caiuby, Callsen-Bracker and Finnbogason. The guests will be without the injured Toprak and Calhanoglu, who has been punished.
Leverkusen has scored at least two goals in the last six visits at this stadium, and generally, they have had no loss against this opponent in last nine official matches.
However, it is worth to mention that Bayer had under 2.5 goals in their last three guest appearances in the Bundesliga and now we will think about the upcoming clash with Atletico Madrid in the Champions League.
Our soccer prediction according tennis predictions is X.

Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Napoli overcame Fiorentina

Napoli has achieved a 1:0 success over Fiorentina and qualified for the 1/2-finals of the tournament for the Cup of Italy.
The only hit in the game fell in the 71st minute and was the work of the Spanish edge Jose Callejon.
The hosts were elated after a 2:1 success over AC Milan.
Definitely their win over the Rossoneri in the last round of the Championship gave the necessary momentum and helped the team to reach that success.
And though the Violet had some self-esteem after three consecutive success, then their team failed to fight for theirs.
The hosts were acting fairly aggressive before the break, but had no luck to realize a goal.
The team of Napoli ended up defeated after the goal of Jose Callejon with his head in the 71st minute.
At the very end and the two teams remained with a man less. After that success, Napoli is already in a series of 15 matches by wta tips without a loss.

Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Bayern needs a better balance between attack and defense

 The Bayern Munich captain Philipp Lahm said the team needs a better balance between defense and attack in the second half of the season. That was said by him at the departure of the team to camp in Qatar.
'In certain matches, we played well, but in general, we should create more positions in the attack and to allow less in front of our door.', said Lahm to tennis tips.
'Our goal at the end of the year was to send a signal to the other teams and it happened at the right time. For us it was very important to be on top in the standings on Christmas.', the defender said.
Carlo Ancelotti's team is the leader in the Bundesliga with a 3-point lead before the second RB Leipzig.

Giroud is going to re-sign with Arsenal

The Arsenal striker Olivier Giroud acknowledged that soon he probably will renew his contract with the club.
The Frenchman turned out to be a backup in the season after a strong game of Alexis Sanchez and there have been conspiracies that may leave, but on Monday he acquitted the titular place with his winning goal against the underdog West Bromwich.
He received some serious praises from the manager Arsene Wenger and admitted that now it is the time to bind with the team for a few more seasons.
'As I like to say football always gives a chance for a fresh start and we just have to stay focused and to wait for his chance. It is said that I renewed my contract, which is not true, but maybe it will happen.', said Giroud.
'That season has been really tough for me. I came back later after the European championship and in the beginning, I wasn\'t in a good shape. Then I was injured for a month, and another striker was doing excellent in attack. In such cases, you just have to work hard and be focused. I talked to my boss and he explained to me why I play a bit.', added the striker, who hopes to remain in the squad for the derby with Crystal Palace on Saturday.

Port Vale vs. Oldham Athletic

The teams of Port Vale and Oldham are going to meet in the season in League one in England. Check out our football prediction for the upcoming game.
Port Vale players are on the 11th position in the interim arrangement with an asset of 25 points after 7 wins, 4 draws, 7 losses since the start of the season, having played in 18 matches have managed to score 22 goals in the opponent\'s door and scored 27 goals. In front of their fans, their played 9 matches so far, which has had 6 wins, 2 draws and 1 loss, at a total goal difference of 16:9.
The visiting team of Oldham\'s the 22nd in the standings with 16 points, from accumulated after 3 wins, 7 draws and 8 losses in a season, having played in 18 meetings has failed to realize the 9 hits and let 19 goals. In its away game, the team has played 9 matches so far, in which there have been 2 wins, 3 draws, and 4 losses, with a total goal difference of 5:10.
In its previous 10 fights in all tournaments, the team of Port Vale has achieved 3 wins, 3 draws, and 4 losses, with a total goal difference of 8:14. In the last 5 fights at its stadium, the team has achieved 2 wins, 2 draws, and 1 loss. In these duels, the hosts have 6 hits in the opponent\'s door and have received 5 goals.
In their previous 10 games in all tournaments, the players of Oldham have had 4 wins, a draw. and 5 losses, with a goal difference of 8:10. In the last 5 fights away from home, the team has achieved 2 wins and 3 losses. In these duels, they have scored 4 hits and have allowed 5 goals.
In the last 2 home games, the team of Port Vale has achieved 2 consecutive wins - with 1:0 against the team of Stevenage Borough and with 2:1 vs. Fleetwood Town. In the previous two games, the team of Oldham has had two losses - 0:1 against the team of Rochdale and 0:1 against Scunthorpe.
In the previous 10 matches played between the two rivals, the team of Port Vale has achieved 3 wins and the team of Oldham also has had 3 victories and in 4 games both opponents have shared the points at a total goal difference of 10:11. In the last 5 meetings at home against Oldham team, Port Vale players have had 2 wins, 1 draw and 2 defeats.
Our football forecast is double chance 1X.

Maurizio Sari acquitted Napoli with the tension

The coach of Napoli Maurizio Sari admitted that individual mistakes of his footballers have led to a surprising defeat of 2:3 at home by Besiktas in the Champions League. The specialist said for that his team was thinking about other things outside the meeting and so has succumbed to the pressure.
Napoli had the chance to get into the history of the tournament, as they could secure a place in the semifinals after only 3 matches. At the meeting last night, they have not had a loss in 19 consecutive matches of European club tournaments. The Turkish grand, however, triumphed in Napoli and so inflict a third defeat for the team in all tournaments.
'At the moment we are creating the most problems.', reported Sari after the meeting. 'The team looked good in the match until the penalty kick missed, after which followed 10 minutes that we were too passive. It is sensational that we play well on the tides, but we play and with care, which made everything much more difficult.'
'Tonight we showed a lot more focus in comparison to the loss of Roma. That may be a small step toward reinvention. Admitting the goals in situations that are not influenced by our movement on the defensive. Their first hit came in the wrong pass, the same goes for the second goal. The third goal was naive, but that fell from an ambush.', added Sari.