Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Maurizio Sari acquitted Napoli with the tension

The coach of Napoli Maurizio Sari admitted that individual mistakes of his footballers have led to a surprising defeat of 2:3 at home by Besiktas in the Champions League. The specialist said for that his team was thinking about other things outside the meeting and so has succumbed to the pressure.
Napoli had the chance to get into the history of the tournament, as they could secure a place in the semifinals after only 3 matches. At the meeting last night, they have not had a loss in 19 consecutive matches of European club tournaments. The Turkish grand, however, triumphed in Napoli and so inflict a third defeat for the team in all tournaments.
'At the moment we are creating the most problems.', reported Sari after the meeting. 'The team looked good in the match until the penalty kick missed, after which followed 10 minutes that we were too passive. It is sensational that we play well on the tides, but we play and with care, which made everything much more difficult.'
'Tonight we showed a lot more focus in comparison to the loss of Roma. That may be a small step toward reinvention. Admitting the goals in situations that are not influenced by our movement on the defensive. Their first hit came in the wrong pass, the same goes for the second goal. The third goal was naive, but that fell from an ambush.', added Sari.

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