Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Sanchez shook hands with Wenger yesterday

Alexis Sanchez trained with ?rsenal yesterday morning and shook hands with the manager Arsene Wenger, the British media noticed after rumors of a fight between the two.
According to the speculation, the Chilean player fought hard with his teammates last week, even as he left practice before its end. This led him and finally make the decision to leave the Londoners in the summer.
This is precisely the reason he left the bench in the first half of the derby with Liverpool, then his inclusion in the game adviced by tennis-picks did not help the Londoners to avoid the defeat.
After the match, Wenger explained that the reason why Alexis was not in the starting lineup was purely tactical, which, however, was not accepted as a particularly serious argument.
Yesterday, the footballer greeted the mentor before today`s match against Bayern, which was taken as a sign that the two may have made up and have cleared their contradictions, which, however, it is not clear whether that happened.
Even if that is so, however, the likelihood of Sanchez to remain on the team is minimal, as a lot of teams are following the situation around him and would gladly attract him in their ranks.

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